My Pet

My Pet

Wondering how others manage to buy lots of stuffs for their pet? Wondering how they earn coins? Wonder how they win races? Here’s a quick review for each. I will be sharing different tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout playing pet society. Hope you will find this helpful. Goodluck, enjoy, and more coins for us!

1. Add Friends

First thing you need to do is add friends. Pet society is a social game so it just make sense. When I started playing pet society, there were only 2 friends of mine that played the same game so I was wondering how come they could buy expensive stuffs for their pet. After spending some time with my BFF Google, I end up signing up at playfish forum, posting my facebook account there and before I know it, there were lots of people adding me up to become friends in pet society. I’m playing for almost a month now and I already have 103 friends.

Maybe you’re asking, “Why would I add people whom I do not know?” Like what I’ve said, this is a social game and that’s part of the game.

2. Visit Friends

After adding friends for your Pet Society, you will now see their houses when you play. Everyday, visit your friends. Hug,kiss,dance,watch tv or play with them. Each visit will reward you 20 coins and 5 paw points. Then you can bathe them, cuddle them or feed them. You will be earning coins and paw points for that. Just remember that you can visit your friends several times BUT you will get the 20 reward coins from them only in your first visit. In my case, I have 103 friends, it’s not forever 20 reward coins. Here’s the list of the number of coins you will be receiving for visiting a certain number of friends:

1-50 friends will give you 20 coins.

51-75 friends will give you 10 coins.

75 and above will give you 5 coins.

As for the paw points, you will always be rewarded 5 paw points per visit.

Take me for example. For my first 50 friends, 1000 coins. For the next 25, 250 coins. For the remaining, 140. Sum it up, 1,390 coins. Take note, you will be receiving coins for bathing your friends, cuddling them or feeding them.

3. Win in hurdle races

Go to the stadium and play the hurdle race. Everyday you are given 10 chances to compete. For every win, you will be rewarded 30 coins and 20 paw points.

But it’s not that easy if you don’t know the tricks in winning. Here let me share them to you:

Banana peels – You don’t have to jump over them for sometime you’ll surely miss. Just click on the banana peels to get rid of them. You will also receive coins for this.

Water – Upon stepping on the water area, click again on your pet so it would jump. In that manner, your pet will not slow down.

Dash – Make sure to click on your pet when it is stepping at the middle of the dash platform. It gives the highest speed boost.

4. Play jumping ropes, ball and frisbee

If you’re too tired to walk outside, then you can play indoors! ๐Ÿ™‚ You can play jumping rope, play ball or play with the frisbee. They reward you coins but not that big. I think it would be 1 coin per 6 clicks (my estimate) :P.

5. Walk outside and pass by the trees

Want some air? Get out of the house and walk! In that way, you can get coins by passing through trees. Easy!

So, that’s it! For now, that’s what I’m doing to earn coins for my dear pet Keiko.

Update: Noticed that sometimes,when you bath your friends’ pet, number of coins varies. I think it has something to do with the level of their happiness. First, make sure that their happiness level is more than 50 or make it even higher. Do it by brushing the pet then follow that with bathing! Enjoy! Will update this post once I learn new stuffs.

  1. PetSocietyFan says:

    I have a little “cheat” if u want more pawpoints!

    U have to send a expensive furni like a prinsess bed ( 15,000 $) Or something else for ex. 3000. Send it to a friend and ask him/her to send it back. Both u and u’re friend will get MUCH pawpoints… And make it a while, and u will perhaps get up in a few levels! ๐Ÿ˜€

    P.S. For the prinsess bed u gets 100 pawpoints per sending! D.S

  2. ericsen says:

    thank…for sharing that tricks…hope someone can find the cheat…hihi…plz add my
    and if u can..plz give me something…haha…tq

  3. in says:

    you can get almost 3x more paw points and coins if you pet (stroke) the other pets instead of using the brush.

  4. Sel says:

    Got o the Cafe and you can visit pets that are not friends!
    You can also bathe, feed and stroke them for coins and paw points!

    …you probaly already know this though ;o(

  5. MIKAELA says:

    Generador de coins :

    les dejo el link para descargar el hack..

    yo lo utilize y tengo de todoo en mi pet!

    dejen comentarios y avisen si no les funciona ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sofie says:

    How can you become part of the plafish forum? Iยดve tried everything and it doesnยดt work!!

  7. hayley says:

    i need to ger more coins without paying to not paw coins the other ones no anything add me on facebook Hayley Speller ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. The trick to earn more coins is to have tons of friends. I get around 3k a day with the number of friends I have.

  9. luv says:

    ahhh.. un pla un

  10. Bella says:

    I always create a new account on Bebo.[cos you start out with like loads of coins]
    Add the Pet Society Application.
    Buy all sorts of expensive items and send them to myself!

    Now all the rooms in my house are never bare!

  11. Playfish says:

    There really isn’t any cheats or codes for Pet Society….just take care of your pet,visit your friends houses,and what Sel. had said…go to the cafe and go to other peoples houses….i would always pick the pet that has flies on them because i know that they are the pets that needs more love,health,care,and cleanliness. I wouldn’t make another account to make a new pet just to make more coins and paw points…it’s no comPETition in Pet Society! Make it fun….

    Here is a tip…you know that Mystery Shop…if you have enough coins,buy a few of those mystery boxes and open them,If you like the item,keep it, but if you don’t then of course sell it!

    Thank you for your Co-opperation! (if i spelled that right.)

    by, Playfish

    • hayden says:

      actually, there is a CHEAT or CODES you dumbass! you have to get a cheat engine 5.5. don’t act like an expert! you’re such a fucking fucking dumbass! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • guest says:

        Those don’t count since they aren’t cheat codes for pet society, they are codes you put into a cheat engine thus cheating in pet society.

  12. Kit-Kat says:

    I know one that’s kinda good but I’m not sure if it’ll work but worth a try

    1. Buy ANY mystery box
    2. open it
    3. If you dont like it, quickly refresh the page
    4. you should still have the box in your inventory, so send it to an online friend who knows what you’re doing.
    5. ask him/her to open the box, if its the same, or if you dont like it, tell him/her to refresh and send it back to you.
    6. Repeat until you get the item that u want

    I hope it works and helps

  13. eriika says:

    hi there.

    add me in my FACEBOOK..

  14. napoleon says:

    Hi there Add my account i am lvl 47 tq

  15. napoleon says:

    my account is add me thnks

  16. MM says:

    thanks a lot for the tips but isn’t it dangerous for a person to add friends she or he doesn’t know? and someday there will be a cheat that isn’t dangerous,ok?

  17. ewan says:

    this is a TRASH!!!

  18. Carolanne says:

    Your all retards listen to the makes of pet society if you cheat you lose everything and it doesnt work to send a box back and forth you get the same damn item no matter what also play the game correctly of loss everything

  19. Bla ;D says:

    Good mornig. : D

    My English is not as well as yours, but im from germany, and can not speak es well es you English.
    Sooo… I play scince a few days pet society and its amazing. Its not really a cheat what im going to write, but its good for all, who want better furniture. You need a little bit money. You need to buy flowes (200 coins), and plant it in. Wait a day, and gather the flowers out. Than sell them, and buy new flowers. (When you sell a flower you get 8 or 30 coins more.) And the tipps up there are also good ones.
    My name: Kinga Aszlan

    Good luck, and habe fun. : )

  20. sharaf momen says:

    please add me. my email address is

  21. AlfredFJones says:


  22. Tania peralta moreno says:

    Qero ese

  23. sage-ei says:

    guys i know a trick.. very effective.. you dont need hinders of friends to do it .. PLUS its LEGAL….. ive been teaching some players and they thank me a lot LOL

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